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I doubt anyone uses LJ anymore but just in case you're back and lurking...
I decided to log back into livejournal just to relive old times and YIKES was teenage me an idiot. 99% of these are gonna get deleted.

But anyways, time for some updates from when I last regularly posted, in 2010/2011:

  • I graduated high school (and college! i'm shocked too!) and have just begun working on my PhD (studying pharmacology)

  • I got married to a wonderful, loving, supportive man named Mark on 1/27/15 <3

  • I seriously don't know where I would be without Mark. He's been there for me in the best and worst of times, he's supported everything I've done and never backed down when things got rough. I've loved every minute of being married.

  • I still write fanfiction every once in a while. Message me for my wattpad username

  • In fact, message me for any social media link, I'd love to get back in touch with you all.

  • Oh, and I never did finish V for Vendetta: The Musical

what have you all been up to for the past five or six years?

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Oh hello Livejournal. Haven't seen you in a while, have I?

Writer's Block: Fashion faux pas
What is the strangest thing in your closet?
ball gown

*Finally* got a Facebook.

But anyways, Trevor's grad party was cool, although Devin and I very much underestimated the amount of food colouring in the cupcake frosting. My lips are still black. :|
Summer at last. I plan on spending my time off at home, at Angie's pool, at my parent's house (in their pool! :D) and at the community pool. Basically, lots of pool. :P

3 June 2011
So Alissa's brother graduated last weekend, and my mother and I were invited to his grad party. Ah, nostalgia. I remember my graduation, a year ago yesterday. My grad party was almost a month later, haha. :) Oh, how I despised you, senior year of high school.

It's Prom Night...
...and my ex-bestfriend and the person I like are going together. :|

Someone asked me, but we couldn't put the money together in time. And so I'm stuck on LJ. :\

Writer's Block: See the music
What's your favorite music video of all time?

Of all time, it would probably be Anna Molly by Incubus. I'm not much of an Incubus buff anymore, and Anna Molly is really the only one I can remember. I remember listening to this song over and over again when I was eleven and twelve.
But anyways, time for the video. It kind of shocked me, (especially back when I was young, and didn't have the stomach that I do now. :P) with the girl looking like she was dead, and after being frozen, slowly coming back into consciousness. And right in time, too, when the autopser (I'm not sure if that's a word) was about to cut her head open. How pleasant.
But the video, it seemed, didn't have any relative themes to the song itself. The song is about being in love with a woman who doesn't exist (I picture your face at the back of my eyes; I watch the ships pass and wonder if she might be out there; No one else could ever compare; in addition to the title of the song's wordplay (Anna Molly = Anomaly)). It would have been interesting to see the video have those same themes.

2 March 2011
Today in Art II our substitute went around and asked everyone what we were listening to on our ipods. Most everyone responded with names of popular artists and/or Justin Bieber. The sub was rather shocked when I said "Emilie Autumn."
I want my innocence back, and if you can't pacify me,
I will break your bones
You think I'm bluffing
Just try me.
Then later on in World Geography II we got assigned a project. To do a "museum exhibit" of a Eurasian country, person, or event of your choice. Of course, I chose Eva Braun.
Afterward, I had badminton practice. I actually managed to not hurt myself. But I ache all over.

Tomorrow is my youngest brother's (I was cursed with five) sixth birthday. I don't know what to get him. I guess I'll just give him money. It works every time.
Tomorrow is also discussion for the Forensics banquet. Needless to say, I am excited to see everyone all dressed up and together for one last time. I'm going to greatly miss all the seniors ditching us. :P
Also tomorrow is more badminton. I hope we actually start playing soon. :|

You -- out of the gene pool!
Badminton practice was today. In all honesty I haven't had that intense of a workout since training for the runathon senior year. I actually felt sick halfway through. How does that happen?

Very often throughout the 2 1/2 hour practice I was thinking, "When are we going to actually play the game? I know conditioning is important and all, but I didn't join the conditioning team, I joined the badminton team."

But then again, every athlete ever has had to suffer through conditioning, so I'm not exempt from it.

On a more colorful note (literally): I am prepared for Mardi Gras! Even though I am located in Illinois, I do enjoy the culture and the French influence on Louisiana (which is the state I can never seem to spell right).

Practice is again tomorrow night, then again the night after that, nothing on Thursday, and then again on Friday, game on Saturday.

Lucky me. :|

The Diary of Evey a BANNED BOOK?!?!
loljk it was just deleted from deviantart


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